Beauty by the Sea

  I am learning a valuable lesson while I photograph my own daughter that can apply to photographing babies or small children in general: If you let them do as they wish, patiently watching and without trying to make them “perform” for the camera, you will come up with some cute pics in the end. No frustration […]

Unforgettable Paris

It has been one of my life long dreams to travel to Paris. I have looked at pictures of this breathtaking city throughout the years and fallen in love with its architecture, romantic cafes and dreamt of visiting the Louvre Museum to walk around its halls for hours.. Having had the unbelievable opportunity to make […]

Jose and Adilene’s Big Day

This sweet couple enjoyed sunny, beautiful weather as they celebrated their wedding on a tobacco farm with friends and family. Their special day was filled with food, lots of dancing and games until the late hours of the night. “La Vibora de la Mar” was a particularly hilarious one I had never seen before where the groom […]

Nikos and Vesta ‘s Engagement Shoot

What a gorgeous day! – if we could have chosen a day, I wouldn’t have changed a thing (only it could have been warmer)! Making the most of the winter grasses and the contrast between cool and warm colors. Nikos and Vesta wanted a quick shoot just before the wedding (which is tomorrow). Thanks for […]