Married to one..

the generous and supportive man who gave me the push and courage I needed to follow my dream of becoming a photographer.

I like:

Restoring old furniture, perfumes, the ocean, cooking, traveling, kayaking, reading..and photography! I love: Christ, because He died to save me! Because He is the giver of life, joy and purpose to everything else in my life.

Mother to three..

two wild, karate-loving, rough boys and a sweet, piano playing beauty who loves to sing and play dress up.

My photographic style is: Hmm...Eclectic and undefined would probably be the best way to describe it. I shoot what I like, what I see, whatever catches my eye. The colors of warm, natural light, genuine moments in nature or in the lives of people around me. I am attracted to the vivid lines and colors of food, an old barn, the print on a piece of fabric, the faces of people...But my photography is not about perpetuating "my style" but about perpetuating the moments as they happen. That is my goal when I journal moments that are special for you. I want to capture them as you would like to remember them. I do not want you to look at my photos and say,  “What an amazing photo!” My goal is for you to say, “What an amazing moment in my life.”

I have the same conviction with regard to anything I am photographing whether it is landscapes, food or art. I am not hoping to improve upon what God has done. My goal is to try my best capture and communicate a portion of the beauty that He has created. There are things you simply cannot improve upon; only help portray them as they are. To alter them or infuse them with "my style" would be to steal the moment; to put the photographer in front of the camera instead of behind it.

In this sense, I consider myself a realist. I believe that reality is more beautiful and more mysterious than anything a photographer can create.
I am not really sure where my photography is going at present...I enjoy second shooting weddings taking portraits of friends and family and simply shooting what I like. I may eventually do it as a business eventually but for now I am enjoying photography for its own sake.. Sometimes I also work as a second shooter for weddings whenever time and family schedule permits..

Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments!